F R E E - R A N G E   E G G S

W H A T   I S    F R E E - R A N G I N G ?


It is allowing your chickens to roam the property freely, and eat all sorts of things from grass to bugs and small critters. Of course we leave feed and fresh water out by their coop, but the bulk of their nutrients comes from what they choose to eat. Free-ranging prevents our flock from overeating and becoming overweight, creating healthy, happy birds! 

It can be difficult to manage and ensure all the birds stay safe from predators, however the health benefits for the chickens and the eggs they produce are unbeatable. When a chicken’s diet includes naturally foraged items, they will benefit by transferring some of those nutrients to their eggs. You can tell by the rich orange yolks free-ranged chickens produce, as opposed to the yellow yolks you find in your grocery store. 

H O W    W E   R A I S E   O U R   F L O C K

We source our chicks from ethical breeders across the nation. We like having a variety to our flock, although the majority of it are our favorite Easter Eggers. 

We start our chicks out in a safe brooder barn, where they are given clean water, fresh shavings, and a toasty heat lamp. The barn keeps them safe and sound until they are big enough to be integrated into the rest of the coop. 

Once they are ready (around 16 weeks old), we introduce the chicks to the rest of our lovely ladies and begin allowing them to free-range. We continue to store the younger chickens in their own coop for a few weeks, but when everyone is acquainted we keep them in our large coops.