A B O U T   U S

In 2016, we were two Suburbanite parents with seven children who felt the winds of change calling us on a new adventure.  Our hearts led us to what is now The Lovely Ambition Farm in Eureka Springs, AR. 


It started simply enough,  a few chickens in the old chicken house, a beehive here and there.  It wasn't long before Pygora goats came to take up residence, thanks to our fiber-obsessed daughter, along with a small herd of Dexter cattle.  Before we knew it we were creating pastures and building fences as quickly as we could! 

Along with this new lifestyle (which we are grateful for every day), came a lot of dirt, which resulted in A LOT of hand washing!  Our hands were dried and chapped from all the work, animals, and harsh detergents.  Our quest for a gentler hand wash eventually led us to creating our own soaps here on the farm.  Using essential oils, soothing botanicals, and enriching ingredients like goats milk, oatmeal, and honey,  we can never go back to regular soap again!​

But once the soap started... we couldn't stop!  There were so many amazing combinations to make!  So soaps led to lotions, lotions led to bath soaks, and don't bath soaks always lead to candles? 

And so a shop was born!  Our oldest daughter, Lauren, and I opened The Lovely Ambition Mercantile in 2017.  A small shop near the  charming downtown of Eureka Springs.  There we share our farm-made products, along with our passion for items vintage, new, and all things Lovely.  We get to meet visitors from all over the world, and we had so many requests for a website that here we are.  We are happy and humbled to share a piece of the Lovely Ambition Farm with you.